You have a special occasion: wedding, prom, party – Our Classy Luxury Fleet is suitable for any of your special events in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut!

Be sure – on your special day, your chosen exclusive luxury car will be waiting for you with your personal driver. On this day, you will not care about transport – this will be our task. On your special day, we take all the work to provide a comfortable trip to you with friends, relatives, family from the residence, hotel and whether anywhere in the city of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. You just have to enjoy the holiday!

A car rental service for a wedding may be needed to deliver guests to the place of painting, pick them up from there and take them to a restaurant, or take guests home. It all depends on the program of the event – and if you have a roomy minibus on hand, the wedding will be held as planned.


Advantages of ordering a car for a wedding:

  • fast delivery of guests from different points of the city and the suburbs to the venue of the ceremony;
  • transfer from airport;
  • following the wedding procession at a photo shoot and walking around memorable places;
  • delivery of guests to the banquet hall;
  • home delivery.
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VIP ALL STATE SERVICE INC is a great wedding service solution!

And most importantly – when deciding to order a car with a driver, invited guests can not worry about the need to look for parking spaces for their car. A wedding minibus with a driver in New York will allow you to enjoy the holiday, not be late for the ceremony and always be near the newlyweds.

This will provide confidence that all guests will be comfortably delivered to the place of festive painting, celebration or banquet. You will not worry that the witnesses are delayed, and the guests cannot arrive at the same time, and it will be much more convenient for them themselves.

Having ordered a car to accompany the wedding, you can ride through the memorable places of the city, arrange a photo shoot wherever you want, and not only in places where the photographer managed to get.

The newlyweds will be able to share the joy at each stage of the celebration, accompanied by their beloved and dear to the heart people who will travel in comfortable conditions in a modern stylish vehicle.

Guests can enjoy the festivities without thinking about how to get to the ceremony or banquet, and where to park the car.

And finally, the end of the celebration. In a “good mood” it is strictly forbidden to drive. And here, by the way, it will be possible to order a car with a driver! Everyone will be taken home, and everyone invited will remember the wedding only from the best side!

Ordering a car for a wedding is a great solution for organizing a wedding celebration!

A car for a wedding in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut – inexpensive and convenient!
No solemn event can do without transport escort.
Just call VIP ALL STATE SERVICE INC, order a car and arrange a wedding procession!

Mercedes-Benz LIMO LUXURY vans are ideal for spending the night in the city or for special occasions such as weddings, proms, corporate parties, banquets, celebrations or anniversaries. Are you planning a holiday, prom or banquet? Then VIP ALL STATE SERVICE INC. Will help you spend this day without thinking about the car. Book a car for a special occasion with us (celebration, party, etc.) – and be sure that everything goes perfectly with you!

Celebrating the New Year, the birthday of the company, a corporate banquet, a country picnic, celebrating an important corporate event – concluding an international contract, a trip to business negotiations, a seminar, a meeting of business partners, a transfer to corporate banquets on the occasion of big holidays and significant dates – booking car a VIP ALL STATE SERVICE INC, will solve any corporate problem with maximum convenience and efficiency!